Mezzogiorno paintings

  • Bellavista I 30 x 36ins (75 x 90cm)
  • Bellavista II 30 x 36ins (75 x 90cm)
  • Empty pool, 'fine stagione' 36 x 30ins (90 x 75cm)
  • Scylla. Beach from the appartment 30 x 36ins (75 x 95cm)
  • Tropea Beach 36 x 48ins (90 x 120cm)
  • Charybdis. (Straits of Messina) 36 x 30ins (95 x 75cm)
  • Punta della Colonna 20 x 16ins (50 x 40cm)

Italian name for the Deep South beyond Naples is not only the least visited part of Italy it is also home to many of best archaeological remains, Greek colonies in particular. Velia, set in an unspoiled landscape is perhaps the most enchanting of all, especially in Spring when it is covered with wild flowers. Seat of the Eleatic school of pre-Socratic philosophy it’s most famous practitioner was Xeno. It was the complete indifference of the bathing girl to the famous site on the hill above that provided a contemporary retort to philosophical niceties – hence the title ‘Xeno’s Daughter’.